Friday, November 13

Palantir, Michigan, Fox


Palantir (PLTR) reported earnings yesterday. I would never recommend investment advice, but Palantir remains my strongest conviction buy. Revenue and guidance were in line, but frankly, these metrics are only relevant insofar as they drive algorithmic headline trading. Earnings call was uneventful. There is one thing you should know, in December there is an 80% insider share lockup expiring that could provide some sell pressure.

Palantir COO Shyam Sankar: The pandemic has “created enormous opportunities for us.” “I foresee a large, systemic transformation in health care.” 

‘The Great Reset’ is happening whether you like it or not, the only question is to what degree it actually goes. Industries will fundamentally change, and Palantir is the most versatile company in a central position to capitalize on this opportunity.

Palantir has government contracts for a variety of functions, and as we transition into more overt tracking and tracing, I expect it to play a major role. They have already signed such contracts in the UK. In a few years, this will be a multiple hundred billion dollar company, currently valued at 25b, in my opinion. I will speak more about Palantir in the future.


On Steve Bannon’s War Room, David Kallman of Great Lakes Justice Center announced that they filed a lawsuit around voting irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan. Do not be distracted by the msm psyop to convince you that the election is over, it isn’t.

The suit states that Wayne County election officials allowed and coordinated illegal, unlawful, and fraudulent processing of votes cast in last Tuesday’s election. Affidavits allege that vans showed up in the middle of the night ‘to bring food’, but instead brought over 100,000 Biden votes. It’s still unclear if these votes were all Biden-only votes, but if they are, there is a high likelihood that foul-play took place. I suspect this happened across the country in swing states, in a coordinated attempt to fix the election.

The strategy is to use these affidavits in order to secure an injunction to stop the certification of the election in Michigan, which seems likely. The decision is expected today by noon.

The larger problem for the Trump Team is their inability to get establishment Republicans to back them, and we’re already seeing this play out in Georgia where the Trump Team was betrayed by local Republicans who approved a sham recount and audit where only 1/10th of the votes will actually be audited, and there will be no signature verification or address verification. They will simply be recounting the votes that were already counted. However, this could expose any irregularities with the Dominion voting software (Sidney Powell is investigating this), if there was any.


Fox News ratings continue to be annihilated as they have made the decision to move against Trump. Normally, you would expect them to correct course soon, but the threat of a future Trump Media network has forced their hand. There is now internal conflict with some of the hosts. Tucker seems to have mostly complied with being muzzled; however, Hannity appears to be still mostly acting of his own volition. Newsmax, America’s Voice, and OANN are the big early winners of this drama and experiencing massive traction as Trump tweets recommend their content.