Saturday, November 14

Brazil, Climate Outlaws, Banished

This newsletter does not exist to point out obvious contradictions and say, ‘Look at this!’ We already know. My intention is to present evidence to reconstruct a true narrative.


Anything that can be used as a geopolitical weapon, will be. A publication I will not name released an article with the headline ‘How Joe Biden Could Make Brazil His First ‘Climate Outlaw’. The climate change narrative is a geopolitical weapon wielded against opposition who refuse to go along with the agenda of the drivers of globalization (‘The Party’). Climate change is a key narrative that will be used to control and herd the human population. Notice that it isn’t China or India under the mark of this threat, it’s the nationalist Bolsonaro. This brings up another important point; the media is used to dole out threats on behalf of The Party.

This article was probably released for two reasons.

1. To demoralize nationalist sentiment both at home and abroad.

2. As a direct threat to Bolsonaro and Brazil.

This won’t be the last time I talk about Brazil. Understanding Brazil (and South Africa) is essential to understanding the future of America.

Banished from the Court

When asked bluntly why the Trump team isn’t communicating their message more effectively to the American public, Rudy Giuliani revealed, in an earnest moment, that CNN, NYT, and even FOX News won’t let him on the air. The Trump team is at a point where they have to reach out to local radio stations just to get their message out.

More than anything, this drives home the point that if you do not promote their agenda, they simply will not allow you in their ecosystems. And I don’t just mean on social media. I want to introduce the idea that maybe this is for the better. There is a strong argument to be made that decreasing confidence in ‘the system’ is actually a net benefit. The silver lining to Trumpism is that it will permanently disengage millions of Americans from a system that does not serve them. Don’t confuse this for political demoralization, my intention is the exact opposite. It is still possible to reorient the Right around populist nationalism, and I don’t want to discourage anyone from pursuing a political solution, but you will never be welcome in globalist institutions and ecosystems. New ones will have to be built.

Election Update

This isn’t intended to be a political newsletter perse, but the reality is that this election is a pivotal global story. The only acceptable outcome is to have a full audit of the Dominion voting machines, and the mail-in ballots verified, especially those brought in during the middle of the night. In my opinion, some of these lawsuits are somewhat weak, but they must do whatever is necessary to investigate Dominion, and the mail-in ballots.


David Kallman’s lawsuit for injunctive relief and request for an audit was rejected. Dave suggested this was done for political reasons. The judge effectively ruled that the affidavits weren’t credible, even though the defense didn’t even contest some of them. The next step for Dave is to bring this lawsuit to the Emergency Court of Appeals, and he expects a decision late Monday or early Tuesday. The real ask is to have a results-based audit, which is preferable to a process-based audit, which doesn’t actually look at the results themselves. Rudy Giuliani alleges that Michigan didn’t allow 250k votes to be inspected, and that 100k were brought in at 4am.


On Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani is presenting witnesses in a suit to try to throw out 600k ballots that were not inspected. In the compromised PA courts, I do not expect this to be granted. I think this will ultimately culminate in a Supreme Court decision. A separate lawsuit in PA was dropped by Porter Wright, and upon looking into this law firm, it was revealed that they have extensive ties to Chinese business interests and the CCP. Another outstanding question in PA is why were there no provisional ballots reported? What exactly were those late night ballots that were counted?


Boris Epshteyn, member of Trump 2020 Advisory Board, reported that there is under an 11k vote difference in AZ. The lawsuit alleging that Sharpies may have invalidated some votes was dropped yesterday because it wouldn’t have yielded the numbers they needed to turn the state. They are filing a new lawsuit for duplicate ballots for Trump that may not have been counted, Boris stated that this concerns 10s of thousands of votes. He is asking for a full audit and hand recount in Maricopa County, and maybe the whole state.


Lin Wood filed a lawsuit that could end up in the Supreme Court, against Georgia Secretary of State’s office Brad Raffensperger, claiming that he made unconstitutional changes to election policy. Effectively, he made it possible that signatures don’t have to be verified on mail-ins. At a certain point, you have to ask yourself, why are leftists fighting for these measures that undermine election integrity if they weren’t intending to exploit them? This has nothing to do with ‘voter suppression’. The leftist fundamentally confuses cynicism with his own naivety.